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QUEEN / KING FACIAL - Anti-aging lifting

A facial specially formulated to easily and quickly absorb into the skin. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and smoothens the skin, prompts rejuvenation, youthfulness, increased elasticity and a healthy radiant glow. We also use the radio frequency to increase the effect of the treatment.

1h15 – 1232K

CRYSTAL RADIANCE - Lightening solution with multi action mask

Recommended for all skin types with hyperpigmentation, and to revitalize, lighten and moisturize your skin. We also use the Oxygen machine to increase the effect of the treatment.

60 min – 830K

COTTON SOFTNESS - Tender loving care treatment (A)

This facial is designed to restore and moisturize your face, neck and decollete, with natural components such as cucumber, sugar cane, lemon, honey and avocado. Ideal for sensitive skin.

60 min – 342K


After cleansing the skin and the application of an absolute radiance concentrate, a golden mask will be applied and combined its efficiency with the Milta LED.

30 min - 250K

THE IDEAL MAN - Clean pure and fresh

This special face treatment for men boasts of restoration and rejuvenation benefits. It soothes irritation and folliculitis, giving you a clean, fresh look.

60 min – 400K


This deep, pore-cleansing facial consists of exfoliation, steam and cleansing of clogged pores. As a finishing touch, an appropriate mask will be applied according to your skin type.

60 min – 537K


Acne-prone skin types require extra care and specialized ingredients to address the breakouts, irritated rashes and scars. This treatment will leave your skin feeling wonderfully alleviated and soothed.

60 min – 508K

FRUITY MINI FACIAL FOR OUR LOVED ONES - For children under 12 years old (A)

Your little one will enjoy a fruity, healthy treatment using strawberry, raspberry, banana, cucumber, honey and aloe vera. We will nurture and care for their skin with a special gentle scrub, mask and massage.

35 min - 243K

(A) Floating bed

This program uses natural vibration of the water provides for a deeper state of relaxation.

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