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The bastion of a passion, the birth of a gift



Karima's passion for beauty is rooted in her childhood in Tunisia. She draws her most precious and miraculous beauty secrets from the riches of this country - ancestral rituals, Ghassoul, Argan oil, Kohl, and the supreme embellishment of the blue makeup of Arabia.


For Karima, the meaning of beauty is inseparable from her sense of humanity and generosity.  By accompanying her young, disabled sister on her path of life, she experimented with the meaning of beauty at a subtle level. Through her insatiable passion to communicate with her sister, Karima developed an extreme ability for seeing inner beauty and a gift to charm the soul with gentleness which she channels in her services at her spa.



The path for success


At the age of 16, Karima arrived in France. This life-changing experience propelled her further on her journey of understanding well-being and beauty. Soon she joined the Academy of Esthetics and Cosmetics and at the age of 26, opened her own institute “Art & Beauté”, located near the famous La Croisette and Cannes palaces.


Today, Karima's private clientele include showbiz artists, members of the royal palace of Saudi Arabia, and princesses from the Emirates. She serves many important names who, with their demand for quality, highlight the success of Karima and the effectiveness of the care she provides.


Karima brings her clients’ well-being and beauty by combining her unique skills with the latest advances in aesthetic technology regardless of their exotic locations around the globe. Whether it be Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, London, Moscow, Donetz, New York, Geneva, Villars sur Olon, Dubai, Paris, Munich, Brussels, Strasbourg and Alicante - Karima would travel to provide comfort and beauty. In Riyadh, Karima’s major project The Temple of Beauty Al Manahil, has enjoyed 18 years of success.



The new step of the journey


Her philosophy of life and her spiritual curiosity has taken Karima even further to discover Asia. Bali particularly held her attention and it was in Canggu that Karima chose to open the doors of her new beauty center.


K by Karima brings together all the conditions of well-being, to satisfy customers eager to discover and enjoy the best beauty rituals of the Orient. It will offer an initiatory journey for both the pleasure of the soul and the beauty of the body.